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Born Toro FAQs

If there’s something we have missed or we can help you in anyway or if you want to know about our Barcelona Food Tours – just pop in your details above and we will get right back to you!

How much food is on the tour? What types of food?

Delicious mouthwatering food! Although we cannot say exactly as we will be visiting some places where their dishes may change from day to day – some will definitely be always tasted – freshly baked breads, olives, cured meats & cheeses, and olives. (Wine, beers G&T’s and cava is a given!) The tour is planned out over 3-4 hours and so by the end you are usually comfortably full and most people will not want dinner afterwards.

When is the best time to take the tour?

Definitely the start of your trip. This way you should be armed with tonnes of local knowledge of the area which you visit and be able to return to any places that you love at a later time. If you want to book any reservations for another day – please ask me or one of our guides to help!

What happens if it rains?

You better pray you packed that rain coat!!… Nah, don’t worry it doesn’t affect our tours, we will provide some brollies, and maybe we will even have a Pina colada and a dance along the way!

How much are the tours? Can I pay cash?

Tours are €70 – all can be booked on-line and paid for through our secure booking system but if you would rather pay cash on arrival that is no problem at all – just contact us on the form above and give us your details to process your booking.

What do I wear?

Casual, expandable clothing!… oh and flat shoes! Ok, I am kidding about the expandable clothing but keep it casual and comfy and you’ll be just fine!

Is there much walking involved / is it like a marathon?

You are on holiday & barca time now!… think a relaxed stroll! The tours are all approx. 4hrs with many stop offs in between to sample different food / drink types – there is no rush and is suitable for all ages and levels of fitness… less marathon, more a wander through your senses!

Nooooo the date I want is sold out!!... What do I do?!

UH OH!!! Panic! No we are kidding – we do hold waiting lists and if a spot becomes available we can let you know. During busy seasons we may run added tours if the numbers allow and we will keep you updated.

Are cameras allowed?

Can I book to return to any of the places we visit?

Of Course – we can help you book there and then or we can mail you contact details to do so as you wish

Are cameras allowed?

Of course!… We love a good photo! Have you not checked out our blog?!…. (Click here!) We encourage you to take as many photos as you like – once you catch us on our good side!… Please try to tag us on any of our social media accounts if you do use them on Social Media. Gracias!

What if I am a fussy eater?!...

That’s awful for you… perhaps you should try a bike tour!?… No seriously though we want you to experience new food choices and things you may not try at home – so please come and try and even if you don’t like anything you try – at least you gave it a shot!! All we ask is to be open-minded and willing to taste and experience something new!

Can I drink / eat more if I want at any places?

Sure can, we ain’t your mother! Feel free to order and pay separately for any extras – just ask our guide to help you out!

Can I shop while on the tour?

I love a good shop as the next but we ask you to try refrain whilst on the tour – as we are under time constraints and to keep everyone happy – including our participating restaurants / bars we try to keep to the schedule as much as possible. But we can provide maps and directions for you to return after the tour is over.

Can I book a private tour? Can it be different?

Hell ya!!…. We love a secret adventure! Just give us a mail or call us for details to organise for something really special!

Is this a wine tour? Do we just walk around and eat?!...

No & Yes!… Did I mention I love eating?!… This isn’t just a wine tour, however we will get to try and taste different beers & wines from the region… why?… because they are wonderful and you just have to get the chance to try some for yourself! But yes we just walk around and eat, drink and laugh and chat!… It is literally our favorite thing to do!

What about food intolerances / allergies?

We try to accommodate as much as possible any food intolerances / allergies. I myself suffer from a gluten intolerance so I know how annoying that can be. Just let us know when you are booking and we will do our best to help you! Most items are naturally gluten free – and a lot will also be dairy. We cannot guarantee that any of the restaurants / bars however will be nut free zones.

What happens if I am late?

Please don’t be late! We have a time schedule to try to stick to out of respect for the places we visit and other travelers in your group – we don’t answer our phones on any tour so it will be hard to find us. We will wait for 15min at meeting point at any given tour and after that it is unfortunately adios! You can contact us by e-mail however and one of the admin team may be able to help direct you to our next stop depending on time.

What is the cancellation policy?

Refunds are available 3 days in advance of the tour itself, for tours paid for in full. We do not refund booking fees. Unfortunately due to our commitments to our partner vendors / restaurants etc. we cannot refund any booking cancelled before this timeframe.

Will there be bathrooms available?

Most places we visit will have bathroom facilities available.

Where do the tours start / end?

After booking you will be contacted with a map detailing where your guide will meet / collect you. Most tours end at the last venue but we can arrange a returning taxi / transport if you wish. Our evening  / Day Tour usually begins @ Chic & Basic Born Hotel in a great area of our wonderland!